Lead Staff

Shane Pomajambo

Eleftherios Natas
Executive Chef

Cecilia Aquino
Event Coordinator


A cultural leader Since 2007

After 10 years of being a cultural leader in the Washington DC Area, Art Whino embarks on a new multi dimensional venue. Looking at its past and how it spent the first three years establishing itself in the art world and spending the following 3 years focusing on events in order to become a cultural leader, it now looks back at the last 4 years of pop up events and looking at how the the venue encompasses all the aspects of the experience allows one to create unique events unlike any in the world. With WHINO we will have a permanent 6000 sqft venue with a state of the art kitchen, Chef Kitchen with 35 seating area, 40 foot bar, art gallery, custom collectible retail space and 4th space concept all with full immersion murals creating unique sitting environments. The future of experiencing the arts is here.